Class Schedule

Full Schedule / Class Descriptions

Full Schedule

Workshops or Open Practice    Times & Instructor(s): TBA

Ki Aikido - All Levels   7:15p – 9:15p   Instructor: Federov

No Scheduled Classes      

Ki Aikido - All Levels   7:15p – 9p   Instructor: Pavese

Children's Aikido   6:00p – 7:00p Instructor: Lebensbaum      

Intermediate/Advanced Practice - 4th Kyu & Above   7:15p – 9:00p Instructor: Wolf      

No Scheduled Classes

Children’s Aikido   10a – 11a   Instructor: Lebensbaum

Open Practice - Instruction Available   11:00a – 1:00p   Instructors: Lebensbaum/Pavese

Class Descriptions

Fundamentals of Aikido

All grades. Emphasis on the basics of Ki-Aikido.

Ki & Aikido - All Levels

All levels practice, but with the emphasis on intermediate/advanced Ki-Aikido techniques, taigi & randori.


For students ages 6 through 12 years of age. Study of Ki development and Ki-Aikido.

Jo & Bokken

Traditional Aikido weapons training.

Ki Training

Study in Ki for daily living and Aikido.


All grades. Learn forms in which attacker and defender work in concert to develop smoothness and precision of technique when performed in motion.


All grades. Learn defense techniques for multiple attackers.


All grades. A time of calming and centering.

Centering and Relaxation

No throws or falls. Open to all students, including non-Aikidoists.

Guided Open Practice

Time to use the dojo mat to practice what has been learned.