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Helpful Tips

We offer classes Monday through Saturday plus workshops on select Sundays. Please feel free to come watch or participate in a class. Your first class is free.

Here are some helpful tips for when you visit us.

Complete and sign a Consent and Release Form if you plan to participate.

Loose clothing is recommended when you practice. We have-judo gis and Karate gis available for a nominal donation to the Virginia Ki Society.

Please read the Dojo Etiquette guidelines in the following section.

Please sign the log-in sheet when attending class.

Membership Applications for The International and Virginia Ki Societies are available. Membership in the Ki Society International is required before you may test. Membership in the Virginia Ki society conveys voting privileges.

Fee Schedule available below.

Your help with the maintenance of our dojo facility (sweeping the mat, dusting) is always welcomed. We are a non-profit organization and have no paid employees for cleaning etc.

All support services (newsletter, filling, accounting, word processing, etc.) are on a volunteer basis by members. If you have a skill or service that you feel would be of benefit to the dojo then please let us know.

Dojo Etiquette

Bow when entering the dojo and when stepping on the mat. Bowing represents respect toward the lineage and traditions of this art, and your committment to be present for the practice

Be sure you have clean feet before getting on the mat.

Bow to your partner before beginning to practice and after completing practice.

Ask permission to leave and get on the mat.

If you are late to class ask permission of the sensei before getting on the mat, then do only the stretches and exercises that everyone else is doing.

Practice only those arts that are being taught.

Wear clean and untattered clothes when practicing.

It is customary to bow to the sensei at the beginning and end of class. When the sensei demonstrates an art to you or your partner, bow and thank him or her when they are finished.

Do not sit idle on the mat.

Ki-Aikido Ranking System

Gokyu: Fifth Kyu - Blue Belt

Yonkyu: Fourth Kyu - Purple Belt

Sankyu: Third Kyu - Purple Belt

Nikyu: Second Kyu - Brown Belt

Ikkyu: First Kyu - Brown Belt

Shodan: First degree black belt

Nidan: Second degree black belt

Sandan: Third degree black belt

Yondan: Fourth degree black belt

Godan: Fifth degree black belt

Shokyu: "beginner" rank

Chukyu: "intermediate beginner" rank

Jokyu: "advanced beginner" rank

Shoden: First degree "black belt" ki development

Chuden: Second degree "black belt" ki development